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I'm an Illustrator/Artist/Digital Sculptor.

This is my space for art, inspiration and random shit.



Seher One + Daniel Espinoza

Acrylic on 3 Wooden Panels

270 cm x 90 cm
"Les comparto uno de los últimos trabajos que pinté, el trabajo fue comisionado en concepto y forma por el cliente, mismo que eligió por tema el "Fenghuang" o Fénix Chino; símbolo de virtud y gracia, como del los elementos que conforman el Yin-Yang. 
Esta pieza esta formada por 3 paneles de madera que dan una medida de 270 cm de alto x 90 cm de ancho. Acrílico sobre madera. 
Podrán visitarla proximamente en una de las prestigiadas Joyerías de Daniel Espinosa.”
"I share one of the latest paint jobs was for a jewelry designer Daniel Espinoza, the work was commissioned in concept and form for the customer. In this case I design a podium Fenix ​​Fenghuang or Chinese symbol of virtue and grace, and the elements that make up the Yin-Yang. This part is made up of three wooden panels that give a measure of 270 cm high x 90 cm wide. Acrylic on wood."

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I always wanted to try redrawing a screen capture meme thing. When I saw this picture of Chibi Usa I knew this was the one picture I wanted to try this on first. I love pink hair, I might make this a poster for Saboten.

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Jaw-Dropping Oil Paintings by Jesùs Leguizamo

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Spinning Jupiter Globe

Rather than hunting for planets and stars in the sky with a high-powered telescope, bring a stunning visual to your desk. This globe, which slowly rotates, resembles the planet Jupiter, and is powered by low light solar cells. Sold on ThinkGeek.

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A mechanical mind aka JM Gershenson-Gates

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Paintings by Bill Carman

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